Extra Long Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder...

Extra Long Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder...

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Adjustable grip fits iPhone, smartphone, mobile phone between 1.77 inches and 4.1 inches Flexible extra long neck holder and swivel holder to suit your desired viewing angle 3 selectable holder positions to fit your iPhone, most smartphone and mobile phones with protective case perfectly Swivel holder to view your iPhone / iPod vertically or horizontally Soft holder grips and soft anti scratch padding that will not scratch your device One easy button phone release


Flexible Neck: Arm Grip Width & One Release Button:

Minimum width: 1.77" Maximum width: 4.1"

360° Rotatable Head Unit: Adjustable Two Swivel Supports: Base Diameter:

Minimum base diameter: 2.7" Maximum base diameter:3.7"