Efest Imr 18350 900m Ah Protected Button Top...

Efest Imr 18350 900m Ah Protected Button Top...

Description from the supplier

Stock Note: In stock These Efestlithium ion batteries pack a lot of mAh into a small 18350 package and have a high quality protection circuit. Definitely the way to go for a device that doesn't pull much current (not ideal for vaping devices). Note because of the protection circuit they're a little longer than an unprotected 18350.

Size: 18350 (18.49mm diameterx37.36mm long)

Type: Li-ion (Rechargeable)

RatedCapacity: 900mAh

Voltage: 3.7V Protected:Yes Style: Button Top Weight: 55g Color:Black/Gold

Rated storage temperatures:

1 year: -20°C—25°C 3 months: -20°C—45°C 1 month: -20°C—60°C

As always, you can trust Liion Wholesale to have tested random samples from each and every batch to make sure all the batteries are fresh and genuine. Anyway we have an agreement with Efest themselves and buy only manufacturer direct for these so the chances of issues are small, but we test anyway. You won't get that with most suppliers.

Warranty: Satisfaction guaranteed, if your battery is DOA or you think there's a problem with it just let us know within 14 days of your order and we'll make it right.

Battery safety is very important. Mistreated batteries can get extremely hotand/or vent which could cause injury. Always follow the following rules to make sure this doesn't happen. We are not liable for mistreated batteries.

Never completely discharge batteries (below 2.5V under load or 3V unloaded). Charge fully (to 4.2V) before first use. Never usea lot of force on the battery to install Use only high quality battery chargers. Do not expose to heat. Do not connect the positive contact to the negative contact without an appropriate load. Be mindful of the current limits in the specification and never exceed them. Never keep a spare battery loose in a pocket, purse, etc. Always use protective cases for loose batteries. If it shorts against a piece of metal it can be very dangerous. Never charge battery 4.3V or above. Do not charge unattended. Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged for an extended period of time (weeks or more) If you must store battery then do it in a case or individual box in cool and dry place at approximately 3.6V - 3.7V. Never try to charge or discharge li-ion batteries withbattery chargers that are not made for Li-ion batteries.