Irresistible Passion Ii Bracelet Set;...

Irresistible Passion Ii Bracelet Set;...

Description from the supplier

Unique navy blue Drusy, Opalite and Hematite genuine gemstones, handmade bracelets embellished with silver Bali pewter beads and sparkle crystal beads. You have the option to buy alone as an individual bracelet, both or all four of them as a set at discounted price. Make them a perfect gift for the love ones. Check Irresistible Passion collection, as well. Each bracelet has an unique taste. One is very glamorous with shine to spark your interest perfect for going out and having a cha-cha time. Another is very elegant and classic, perfect for the evening (Bali pewter). DRUSY: The gem calms and soothes a tensed mind making it stress free. The gem has the ability to draw out the negativity inside thereby filling one with positive energies. The gem is believed to stabilizing the aura. This helps in clear, pragmatic and creative thinking. These gems have metaphysical aids that help the wearer to amplify all the positive energy. The gem has a healing property and helps a lot in meditation too. The gem also works on imbalances in the wearer’s body, keeping you fit, and fine and vitalized every time. Worn for creativity and positive thinking! Reach for the sun!Great for layering! HEMATITE: The Blood Stone .Hematite helps one sort out things in one’s own mind, and can be useful for a mental "tune up". It helps memory enhancement, original thinking and technical knowledge.A calming stone, but also offers support for your hopes, dreams, wishes and desires, by encouraging you to "reach for the sun". Hematite reminds you that the only limitations that exist are those that you place upon yourself. Opalite: Stone of Eternity:Opalite teaches the being within, that freedom is not held back by the physical self, it is not held back by race, by language, by religion, by beliefs or by capabilities. This stone encourages one to explore within and all around to learn that even the most unimaginable life goals can be reached, they do not just have to be dreams.One must dream in order to grow. Casual or dressy! elegant and classy. Creations by Liana - like my Facebook and get the coupon! Gemstones are Mother Nature's gift to us:they have attributes to help us in our journey on Earth


large 12 mm Drusy, Opalite and Hematite stretch fit small/medium: 6-7.5"

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