Cooper Aurora Bluetooth Led Backlit Keyboard...

Cooper Aurora Bluetooth Led Backlit Keyboard...

Description from the supplier

Few tech devices stand out with their beauty and in the keyboard category they are a downright endangered species. Aurora is truly a rare gem in an age of tacky electronics. The polished exterior and aluminum metal finish on the undercarriage give it an air of elegance and durability. This gorgeous union of function and form boasts a Bluetooth connected universal keyboard that pairs seamlessly with any device in range, allowing you to control your PC, your smartphone or tablet all with the same typing tool. Your capacity for multi-tasking will be pushed to the limit as you fend off constant questions from coworkers and acquaintances, asking where you came across Aurora.Features

Wide range compatibility, including YUNTAB K08 Backlit full-sized US English QWERTY Keyboard making you more efficient no matter the device Aesthetic design available in 4 colors with aluminium undercarriage for enduring sturdiness and durability Regular, laptop-like keys for faster and more enjoyable typing Keyboard backlight LEDs available in 7 color variations, for personalization and mood setting, illuminate your keyboard when it’s dark Helpful shortcut keys make you more productive and relieve you of having to reach for the screen to switch between apps or perform basic functions


Model Name Aurora

Tablet YUNTAB K08

Style Keyboard

Brand Cooper Cases

Function Business, Mens, Student, Travel, Womens

Price Great Value $40-$79

SKU CPR153GLD100, CPR153BLK100, CPR153SLV100, CPR153WHT100

Dimensions (WDH) 9.4 x 0.2 x 5 in

Weight 249 gramm / 8.8oz

Features Backlight keys, Bluetooth

[Quick Overview] Overview To enjoy the full potential of Aurora, make sure it is fully charged before you turn it on. Press the power button, and shortly after press the Bluetooth button to enable the signal. Once the blue light is blinking, you may begin pairing the keyboard with your desired device. Enjoy hours of uninterrupted usage.