Dead Rising 4 Xbox One

Dead Rising 4 Xbox One

Description from the supplier

Ultimate zombie slayer Frank West returns to Willamette, Colorado to investigate the source of a mysterious outbreak, but a cunning new breed of zombie is after the same evidence. What you should know…

An open world sandbox– Explore the massive Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall and surrounding town, a zombie-infested suburban sprawl. Anything and everything is a weapon– Astreamlined combo system lets you put together a huge array of weapons, from the practical to the practically insane. Become the weapon in a super-powered EXO Suit– Lay waste to the zombie hordes and surrounding environment with super strength and incredible firepower. Two all-new zombie classes– The Fresh turn in front of your eyes and exhibit superior speed and ferocity; Evo zombies possess abnormal strength and predatory instincts. Online co-op– Seamless four-player co-op provides the most immersive Dead Rising multiplayer experienceyet.


Unlock killer combos– Craft hundreds of unique weapons and vehicles; a signature of the Dead Rising franchise that brings more powerful and iconic weapons to take on the horde. Arange of combo vehicles with the ability to craft crazy and super powered machines for extra zombie slayingfun! Battle undead in a living world– Merciless paramilitary troops, desperate survivors, and opportunistic marauders clash amidst the teeming zombie hordes. You'll clear over-run emergency shelters and upgrade them with survivors and vendors. Dynamic events provide a variety of fresh challenges– Use Frank'sphoto­journalism skills, including his camera'sNight Vision and Spectral Analyzer, to piece the story together and discover valuable secrets. Superhuman Exo tech– EXO Suits allow you to wield much larger and heavier weapon attachments that can be ripped from the world around you including giant pipes, parking meters, traffic lights, car doors and even a giant fly swatter! Plus, in true Dead Rising fashion you can combo your EXO Suit to create great weapons. Combo yourself!