32 Channel 1080 P Digital Video Recorder With 8...

32 Channel 1080 P Digital Video Recorder With 8...

Description from the supplier

ANALOG HD Brilliance Protect your home with this 32-channel ANALOG HD system recording at 1080p resolution for amazing clarity when you need it most. With compatible cameras you can continuously monitor every office, each entry point, and more. This ANALOG HD DVR is network-compatible, so you can connect anytime and view what’s going on right from your phone, tablet, or computer.

What's Include

(1) 32 Channel 1080P AHD DVR (1) HDMI cable RJ-45 Network cable Power Supply for DVR Remote controller + mouse User Manual

DVR Features

32 Channel 1080P High Resolution AHD DVR Display/Recording Frame Rate 1080p @15fps, 720p / D1 @30fps per Channel Support 32 Video BNC & 16 Audio Input / 1 HDMI, 1 VGA output HDMI 1080P output, true high resolution display Support 8 SATA Hard Drive-Maximum 48TB storage capacity


QT DVRs are compatible with QT Analog HD DVR. QTH32-8 DVR is compatible with following Cameras:

Analog (960h) QTH7211B (720p) QTH7213D (720p) QTH7212P (720p) QTH8053B (1080p) QTH8056D (1080p)

QTH32-8 DVR is compatible with AHD technology.