Men's Aviator 60 X 47 Mm Silver Pilot...

Men's Aviator 60 X 47 Mm Silver Pilot...

Description from the supplier

These sunglasses are designed for rigorous outdoor use with strong shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses in tough nylon frames Lightweight Design Is Ideal for outdoor activities enthusiasts Special Features

Lightweight Reduce surface reflections Easy to clean Scratch resistant UV protection

Absolute comfort for everyday wears its durable and lightweight. Glare is the problem that always daunts the optical products, and we know that you hate it. That's why each of our sunglasses come coated with high-quality polarization material to help reduce the glare. Thus, you can see those colorful sights and sceneries even under the flashing sun Benefits of Polarized lens technology, reduces glare, provides outstanding clarity and delivers brightersharper images.

Eliminates Glares Increases Visual Clarity Enhances Contrast Reduces Eye Strain


Stainless Steel Frame

60 x 47 mm UV400Polycarbonate Polarized Lense

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