Dopp Bag

Dopp Bag

Description from the supplier

After years of creating some of the world's greatest facial hair products, we decided to bring our customers a way to store all of their grooming gear. These dopp bags are the answer, here's why: Handier

There is nothing worse than traveling and not knowing where your things are. You want something that is small enough to fit in your luggage and big enough to fit all your essentials. The Milkman Dopp bag delivers, making sure all your grooming and toiletry gear can be safely stored in the one convenient place. Cooler You might be the only person that sees your toiletries bag (except for maybe airport security) but that doesn’t mean it can’t look cool. Being cool and stylish isn’t only about what others see, but is an extension of your personality. With a matte black canvas bag &embossed leather Milkman patch, you can guarantee that your bag is as cool as the grooming products inside it Giftier

Nothing makes a present more complete than gift-wrapping it. And there is nothing cooler to wrap a present in that a matte-black canvas dopp bag. There is no point in spending $5 on wrapping paper that will only get thrown away. Treat yourself, son, dad, brother or bearded lover to a truly remarkable gift presented in this stylish package! Cheaper

Travel is already super expensive. Between the flights, accommodation, food, drink and activities you might not have a lot of coin to spend on something to house your grooming gear. Now with Milkman’s new matte-black dopp bag, you don’t need to break the bank to travel with style. Don’t waste time on expensive toiletry bags, spend that extra money on the trip.