Mayan Hammock   Xl Family Sized Thick Cord

Mayan Hammock Xl Family Sized Thick Cord

Description from the supplier

Mayan hammocks have lots of imitators, but there’s only one true traditional Mayan hammock design and this is it. What does that mean? Quality cotton threads more than triple the normal thickness, weaved in the traditional diamond pattern for astoundingly strong support. These hammocks can hold an amazing 850 pounds, so don’t be surprised (or panic!) if your lounging is interrupted by the rest of the family – including the dog! Traditional Mayan hammocks have been made the same way for generations, and today are still manufactured with the same attention to quality, comfort and durability in the city of Merida and the northern region of the Mexican Yucatan. Our Mayan hammocks are perfect for lounging and sleeping, with 7 foot-long by 6.5 foot-wide beds. Kick back with your favorite book, use your toe to launch and swing yourself into a lulled sleep, or spend the night in what many people compare to floating on a soft, spongy cloud. These handmade beauties come in dazzling color combinations and are made with the highest quality cotton threads, which accounts for their popularity. A Mayan hammock is designed to offer many years of lounging, and is constructed using a unique diamond weaving technique that offers both comfort and durability. * Please note: no two Mayan hammocks are necessarily the same as they are individually woven and designed. They are as much art as function, so color combinations may vary from those pictured. • Works great as a bed substitute • 15 feet long, 6.6 feet wide • Mayan craftsmanship: hand-woven by traditional artisan weavers • Huge 7 foot-long resting area • A top seller • Great for the family: supports over 800 pounds! • The largest hammock we carry • Super comfortable cotton thread construction • Diamond stitched for strong support

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What's Included Hammock

Warranty 1 Year

Brand Hammock Universe®

Materials Cotton with Nylon End Strings

Weight Capacity (lb) 869

Recommended Hanging Distance (ft) 12+

Size 3 or more People

Overall Hammock Length (ft) 15

Hammock Bed Length (ft) 7

Hammock Bed Width (ft) 6.6

Recommended Storage After Outdoor Use Yes

Weight (lb) 6

Country of Manufacture Mexico